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Marcelo Cardozo is based in New York City since 1999.

He is currently playing with his own project, the Marcelo Cardozo Trio. "
Crossworld" -the trio's 2nd album- was released in 2005. The trio debut CD, "Wintertime" has been released on July 2003. Both albums feature all original compositions.

During all these years he has been continously working as a touring performer and recording artist with Jigsaww (a Westchester based band which is about releasing its first album), Nhojj (with whom he recorded "Someday Peace Love And Freedom" and "Soul Comfort"), Sarah DeLeo and ZiloGroove.

Also as part of his collaborative work he got involved with the Mitul & Mukul - two brothers from India, now based in NY - project. For them he recorded on the albums "Saajaniya" and "...To Kya Ho".

In August 2003 he’s been on his 2nd European Tour with 3-0-3 and the Maggie Garbino Quintet. He had been already performing with these bands at the 36th Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, on July 2002. 3-0-3 also features Marcelo Cardozo as a guest on "Buenos Aires Nómade", the band's latest album.

In December 2003 he becomes a Multicultural Music Group 'Rhythm Section Specialist' faculty, work he keeps developing as a teaching artist in New York City Schools.

In November 2000 he joined the Pregones Theater musicians staff for the play "Fables Of The Caribbean". In December 2004 he's invited by the Roadside Theater to participate in a residency featuring original Jazz and Bluegrass compositions from the musical "Betsy".

In March 2001 he worked with Pregones on "Breathless Angels" and on the Summer Stage 2001 on "The Ballad Of Maria Sabida". He was also touring with this company during the Summer Stage 2002 and 2005. In September 2002 he attended with Pregones to the 4th National Conference of NALAC (National Association of Latino Arts and Culture) in Austin, Texas, with the play "The Black Out". In June 2003 he travelled with the company to San Antonio, Texas, to play at a festival hosted by Jump-Start Performance Co.

Late in 1999 Marcelo Cardozo got selected to join the Sharon Smith Band to play live performances, and with whom he has recorded two albums. With her he has also recorded on the soundtrack of the Danny Lerner's movie "Big Apple", a Julius Films Production released on April 2003.

In February 1998 he visited New York for the first time. There he played with local musicians in Manhattan jazz clubs like "Blue Note," "St. Nick's Pub," "Smalls," etc. Positive reviews appeared on The New York Times, and other local newspapers.

In October same year he was invited to play with the Lullabop quartet (his main project in Buenos Aires) at the "II Argentina-Brazil Jazz Festival Of New York". The rhythm section got completed by the local musicians Mike Benjamin on bass and Ron Brown on drums.

Marcelo Cardozo later continued his collaboration with G. Raventos with whom he recorded, arranged and co-produced the
CD "Thamgo City", released in January 2001.

As he arrived in New York in 1999 he joined the
comedian Susannah Perlman's supporting band . One of the shows was broadcasted by channel "NY1" and by national and Canadian radio stations. With the same artist he also recorded the CD "Beating Around the Bush".

In parallel to the mentioned activities Marcelo Cardozo has also been part of the New York Jazz scene performing with the t
rumpet player Melvin Vines and the singers Patricia Michelle and Sarah DeLeo, among others.


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